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Office Visits

Other visits that follow the initial consultation include the following:

Orthodontic Records

Where we will collect all of the necessary information to complete an orthodontic diagnosis and formulate a customized treatment plan. This information includes a series of specialized x-rays, a set of photographs, and a set of tooth models.

Case Presentation

Where we will explain your individual treatment needs and the procedures to correct the orthodontic difficulties present. We will discuss the length and specifics of your treatment and also explain proper care of the braces.


Where we will attach the braces to your teeth and place orthodontic wires to begin your treatment.

Archwire Checks

These are your ongoing visits, where we will remove and either adjust or replace your orthodontic wires, add elastics, and perform all other procedures necessary for your treatment. We will also photograph your teeth so that we can ensure that your treatment is progressing properly from one visit to the next.


Where we will remove your braces, clean all traces of the orthodontic adhesive from your teeth, and take tooth models to make your retainers.

Retainer Placement

Where we will try your retainers to ensure that they fit properly and will hold your teeth securely in their new positions. We will explain all aspects of retainer wear and care and take new photographs of your teeth.

Retainer Checks

These visits are to ensure the continued proper fit of your retainers and to identify and correct any problems with your retainers, before they affect the positions of your teeth.